Artefact Journal & Field Diary…

To make any workbook functional, it must be designed to work… Create your own memories, by recording your metal detecting journey, just like a diary but aimed at recording your finds & recording your own personal journey... £ 14.95p - an A4 workbook for Melal Detectorist... Includes - PP Click on the highlighted price line... Continue Reading →

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Coin Cleaning Vices…

3D Printed Coin Blocks... 3D-Blocks or Coin Cleaning Vices, which are made from durable plastic... Not a vice to be ashamed of, these Coin Cleaning vices help you to clean coins, & for those of you that already know, coin cleaning can be fraught with many challenges, not least of all when you are cleaning... Continue Reading →

A690 Castle Dig…

15-01-2023 - A690 Castle Dig, with the East Durham Detectors Ltd. group run by Anthoney Matthews... And BOOM - Anthony Matthews - well what can i say, it looks like a professional dig was organised again today, everyone at the brief was well informed about possible munitions, due to the pasture fields being used for... Continue Reading →

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