Ancient British Coins;

Look at this site and keep the link - this outstanding site is for Iron Age Coins.. my one silver [- pictured on the right -] has the broken fracture running around the outline of the face... even if you do not have any iron age coins, please look at this site it is fantastic...... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Prince Phillip

How he made the common English man laugh, our foreign Prince, who upset a few but was adored by the masses, i never met the man "obviously" but his antics fuc***d up the twa**s of the woke brigade... God Bless your Soul and may you rest in Peace, and thank you for being a loyal... Continue Reading →

Another New Site

Well the SSL has arrived, we are all padlocked up, now lets see if it works... Another New Site, this one is going to challenge the likes of ebay, amazon, gumtree etc... well we all can but dream, if all goes well, it might break even... just waiting for the SSL, it takes weeks... UK... Continue Reading →

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