Mud Magnets…

Up-2-Date…So Far ! Sorry Magnet Fisher USA, but this is the wrong sort of magnets... Out over the last few days with the wind blowing a "hoolie" and the rain & snow keeping things very sticky underfoot, making even the coil getting so sticky that it would not swing without crashing into clods of soil,... Continue Reading →

50 @ 50

i have wrote or done none of what you will read here i have pinched it all from the Daily Mail & i have even left the links in... Revealed: The five rarest 50p coins as Britain prepares to celebrate half a century of decimalisation... including one which could sell for £900 The UK celebrates... Continue Reading →

Get Rich Scheme….

As a totally different thought, you just cant make these up... I don't think either of these apply to me, but anyone else might have time and money to waste... this top one is followed by another... for a start look a the high lightered word and the mauve words, one cancels out the other...... Continue Reading →

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