The following story was lifted "as is" from the Irish telegraph, newspaper, its a story worth a read, as this was featured in the magazine Treasure Hunting in good faith when the news broke, with another report from the "the dusty old thing" and how we reported it on march 28th of this year just... Continue Reading →

Treason and More Finds

I need to go to the Isle of Man, and this is another thing for us to be moaned at for, i suppose... oh don't forget them buckles, mind you i have always said that the bent or broken swords were trophy's of war, then bent to disable their power of their enemy...


well today went well, i might look like a Red Indian, but the weather was glorious, lots of junk [- photos to follow -] with not to much in finds but a day to glorify in the English countryside and be among mother nature... Its amazing what you find nestled amongst the woods in an... Continue Reading →

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