Tough Few Days / Weeks…

New Permission…

I gained a new site of about one hundred and twenty acres, not seeded just rolled flat ready for the grass seed to be sown, i was told, you can detect as much and as often as you like, we are not doing anything for the foreseeable future…

Feeling somewhat of a smug git & being very happy with my self, i drove to my new playground in south Suffolk, just over the border from my native Essex, the field is situated in a significant pre roman area which then followed history through the Millenia… massive oak trees were still standing in the surrounding area with my field being just a hundred yards or so off of the main road down a little lane & looking sooooooo flat, i nearly cried with joy ! well flat as a discus’ed field could look, but so lovely looking to detect on “oh joy”

Ever hear of the saying “i quote” don’t count your chickens before the hatch !

img_20190916_191017What can I say, after about two or so hours my vision of all sorts of goodies were slowly fading into a distant memory, and for the life of me i still don’t understand why I spent a large part of my detecting days over the last three and a half weeks clearing out an old dumping ground, which had been covered for the best part of the field by fly tipped soil, road sweepings, gutter / drain clearings and various other nasty bits and pieces dumped on the field over a period of ten months, whilst the Suffolk highways agency cleared and cleaned numerous lay-bys, bins in the yards and fly-tipped soil left behind from vacant property’s, all of this formed the main source of where the new top soil came from for me to detect on…

Now me being not one to give in easily, I finally ran out of patience, when the retired chap who watched me for days / weeks finally said hello and obviously the conversation turned round to the field, and that’s when he dropped the bombshell of how he had watched them dump lorry loads of rubbish onto what was once an old quarry pit which had already been filled in, after about ten months and when that was finished the area, had again been flattened,  this time all ready to be sown with grass seed in early august, which has been postponed, and now it was still being turned over by discus & waiting for the next weed killing spray to be applied ?

Peed off with the landowner, mmm yes I suppose I was and still am, he must have a good sense of humor whilst mine has now ran out, but did he know ? that’s the million dollar question… i like to think he did not know or understand the complexities of working a metal detector with this amount of metal rubbish / junk on the surface or buried, sometimes an aluminium can would be upwards of twenty inches, with a couple dug up at fifteen inches, before two cans that were crushed together turned up at the twenty inch mark. then i got to thinking of green waste, all of this causing the T2 to throw a wobbly trying to figure out what depth and the type of metal it had detected…

Ah well you win some and then some you lose… onto the next, and don’t worry about me treading on your toes @suffolk detectorist, i will thank you for the follow, but the county is yours again, hopefully i get a half decent field next time… but in the words of our Kev-“dilligaf” as reminded to me by Jules Flips Bilton, which as a name you have to think about, as it is used in a lovely way, of giving the bird to the place she lives in… and again thank you for the follow…

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