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XP Gold Maxx

Basic Settings for the Gold Maxx are below, but first let me just say that probably THE most imortant thing you need to know is that when you first turn the machine on, HOLD IT IN THE AIR AWAY FROM THE GROUND for about 10 seconds before using so it can tune in properly. If you do this, you will not have any problems in the field !

XP Control Box

Cut through highly mineralized soil
  • One of the strong points of the XP Goldmaxx is its ability to find small hammered coins even in contaminated Roman sites, using a frequency of 18 kHz. It will happily find good targets lieing next to iron, a test most other detectors will fail.

Discrimination or Multi-tones

  • Can be operated in Discrimination (single tone, turn disc dial to 6-7 to knock out iron), or turn disc off to operate in multi-tone all-metal (2 tone or 3 tone). Good targets high-pitched, iron low pitched. You soon get used to the high-pitched tones, and you will find your nail collection will certainly decrease dramatically.
Turn iron volume down
  • When using the 'multi-tones' options it is possible to turn the volume of iron down to zero, so you just pick up the good targets. This has no effect on the detector's depth/sensitivity.

Silencer Mode

  • 3 position switch, 0, I, II. Most sites are ok set at I. Site dependent (remember - only works in discrim).


  • When you first switch the machine on, holding the detector horizontally well away from the ground, WAIT 10 SECONDS (important), turn the sensitivity switch to max (backing it off to eliminate any chattering), and then adjust the Ground switch by gently knocking the ground with the detector until no sound is heard. Average position is marked between "accept" and "reject".

Coke and the Goldmaxx

  • Coke can be a problem with the original Goldmaxx (not so with the power !). If you get a good signal in all-metal, you can check it by going into discrim at setting 8. This will tell you if its coke or not. However, I usually dig all good targets unless the site is infested with coke.

Batteries : Alkaline or NiCads ?

  • Personally, I use normal Duracell Alkaline batteries ( 8 x AA). I find these last around 3 times longer than Ni-Cads, and don't suddenly die on you ! XP do produce a nice Ni-Cad charger though, and using it means you don't have to remove the battery cover when recharging. The choice is yours ! Its also a good idea to buy a couple of spare battery holders, so a quick changeover is possible 'in the field'.

I believe the XP Goldmaxx (now upgraded to the Goldmaxx Power) out performs many other, more expensive machines. The RRP in the UK is 625, but if you shop around you will get the price down by upto 100. It is a well made, durable machine that will serve you for a long time. Highly recommended.

Goldmaxx at rest April 2006
Note stainless border spade - one of my best friends for sure !

  • Another good tip - go to your local hardware store at purchase a stainless border spade. This one cost 19.99 (Wilkinson Sword) and makes easy work of retrieving finds. Forget silly little "detecting specific" digging trowels - this is the one to use in my opinion. Unless you are coinshooting the local park, of course !

Goldmaxx at rest June 2004

A few ideas:

Buy a right-angled headphone jack

  • This is well worth the investment, especially if you decide to mount the box at the top. It will allow you to more easily close the clear plastic top of the cover, and also does a better job of keeping your headphone lead out of the way. Simply use a cable tie to attach the cable to the stem, and leave it permanently in place. Cost around 5.00 in the UK.

Convert the hip-mount bag

  • Simply cut two slots the size of the mounting bracket. For added protection cut a mouse mat to size, and slide in one side of the bag (especially useful if you mount the box at the top of the stem). I find this arrangement achieves the best balance. You can keep a shower cap in the small pocket for those unexpected downpours, plus it adds extra cushioning for the control box when not in use.

Converted Hipmount Bag - an easy job

Better quality photographs will follow...

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