More New Toys…


So apart from me getting my head around the Tek-Probe, other gifts received included a new photo booth, with LED lights which run off of a USB, at the moment this runs off the USB port on the front of the computer, but another idea is for a separate power source, these light-boxes are the chaps that are advertised on ebay, amazon etc-etc… are theey any good, shown below is a blurry shot [-down to me the blurry bit, little bit more practice, with my glasses on, me thinks-]

back view of a very blurry knife pommel / guard…

Well i think it works very well, shown here is a few shots that all seem to show a nice “off white” background, which brings the subject more into focus, there are different coloured backgrounds to use, as can be seen, with a personal choice being made for which is best for your subject… so do we prefer the hand shot, table shot, mixture or the new light box, mmm well for that clinical shot, which gives a good all-round photograph, the light-box is a winner, puritans shout about the terrible hand-shots, why ? if that works for you, great, worry about other people’s opinions when it’s necessary, we are all different, i say long may the hand shot continue

The major issue with the light-box is that my photography scale, which is the size of an A4 board cannot fit inside, and it defeats the object of a white or coloured background, so no worries here, at all, it’s a simple solution to simple take one photograph of the object on the board and the rest in the light-box, after trying the  crime scene, L shaped ones which you have to photograph from above, my thoughts are that i will stick to my photography scale, as a guide to the artefacts / objects size…


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