A Different Treasure Hunt…

There are many ways to go about Treasure hunting, one way that has become an armchair treasure hunt, is to try and collect either the cards that came with packets of cigarette in the nineteen thirty’s and nineteen forty’s, depicting sporting hero’s motor cars etc… or the cards i grew up collecting which were cards that came in packets of tea, this had topics that were current or historic and came with a small book to stick your tea cards into…

Collections/ Mixed Lots

These collections might have been started by buying candy sticks which represented small cigarettes, i have a few of these cards which represent the ninja turtles, but the one that has caught my eye and started this was how much the American Baseball cards go far, & that’s a million dollars plus… surely that is madness, ah well, madness or not i suppose i had better start hunting for them now so i can retire to the fields…

Mickey Mantle's famed 1952 Topps rookie (pictured) has seen its average market value rise to $362,222, according to PWCC Marketplace, a trading card website and auction house. In 1988, a mint-condition Mantle rookie card sold at auction for just $3,300; 30 years later, the price for a mint-condition Mantle rookie jumped to a whopping $2.8 million.

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