Why was this blocked ?

so i wonder why microsoft one of the western worlds leading internet providers, banned this ?

are they in the pockets of the dragon ?

Microsoft says "tank man" image blocking due to human error
tank man

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  1. The answer to your question is, Yes, they are in the pockets of the Dragon. And so are so many, many more companies and “scientists”. It’s all about the money…of course.

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    1. Like Germany, they could not conquer Europe by brute force, now they are buying Europe with a so-called coalition, once the countries get EU citizenship, they are stripped of their wealth, minerals, and anything worth money, so they rely on Germany, Belgium, and France except china is buying worldwide, not shopping local, they own 30% of Africa, parts of Russia 35% of Australia the list goes on… scary thought, think about this, how can a Chinese restaurant support 10 to 12 people and their families when there are maybe 20 restaurants in a town of 20,000, many don’t eat cheese ? are they like the Muslims a sleeper community? perhaps… many governments are blessed with idiots fearfully of the truth many people know china created C19, so whats the big news, they can now jump on the bandwagon, and let us see who is in the dragons pocket, like the fuaci

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