I blame the education system of today,


ok i going to ask you to read these examples, shown below,

now i am not that intelligent, or claim to be an excellent reader or someone who can read clearly “BUT”


i am advertising a C.Scope-CS2M, for sale,

2 people have now asked what model is it…

why ?

Laser B2

Laser B2, with a new 7″ widescan coil £ 145.00p

1 person asked what make is it

1 person asked what model is it, and someone has asked the price…

Predator Headphones

how about this one…

Predator Metal Detecting Headphones for sale £ 55.00p…

Email asking… are they specific for metal detecting…

My reply… what was you thinking of using them for ?

Email back… oh metal detecting…

i think i must be getting grumpy as i get older, to me these are clearly printed adverts, i am not that eloquent, but they seem clear to me ! what is the matter with peoples reading ability or eye to brain interactions…

i suppose you could mistake the wording in the email, as they wanted a pair of headphones specific for metal detecting, but then again the wording of the advert is quite clear…

i quote – “Metal Detecting headphones for sale, purpose built Predator headphones from Crawfords, for all makes and models of metal detectors”

oh well i suppose i had better reply… Click on Fred’s end note for more confusing adverts…

Freds End Note..

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