bang to rights;

Saw this from last year, oh how we rely on the Nanny State to look after us…

CoronaVirus (COVID19) Update

In light of the current sanctions and advice given by the British government we feel it appropriate to offer our own advice to our members…
To help stop the spread of coronavirus it is vitally important to avoid unnecessary interaction with others.  Most rallies and organised digs have, as a result, been cancelled. Some sadly haven’t. We strongly urge you to look after your health, and the health of others, by avoiding large groups of people.
However, if you have permissions,  getting out on your own or with your detecting partner is positively encouraged. Just be sensible, don’t share a car and keep your distance from each other and members of the public.
 wow, we now have a nanny body all of our own, i wonder if it is connected to the twonks who think for everyone else…
and they say -Continue to follow the British Governments and health organisations steps to help yourself, your family and your friends.
we all wanted to stay safe without being led by the nose…

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