More than just Bangers…

Lincolnshire has not only produced some fine sausages which are some of the best bangers to be produced in the UK, but it is also home to the famous Lincolnshire Imp, now this little fellow is surrounded in myth, and has been adopted by the City of Lincoln, where you will find him hidden in the upper reaches of Lincoln Cathedral, how did this little Imp get up there and why was he chosen to be the symbol, of the city of Lincoln;

The legend of the imp goes back a few hundred years & the story goes along the lines of one day the Devil let out all his young demons [-Imps -] to play. but before stopping off at Lincoln Cathedral the Imps had stopped off Chesterfield, twisting the spire of St Mary and All Saints Church, before a descending on Lincoln where they had planned to wreak havoc in the city’s stunning Cathedral. Find out more here about how the Devilish Imp remains where he is now…

The Lincoln Imp.

So what has all of the above got to do with metal detecting, well, not to much, but a tentative link, happened quite a few years back, i was using a C.Scope 4ZX Metal Detector, when i found this little silver imp, by my reckoning it once belonged to a charm bracelet, maybe a tourist piece sold by a local jewellers in Lincoln, i dare say it is not much older than seventy or so years, being quite small it carries no hall marks, as for the bangers, well they tie in nicely, because after finding the Imp i sat down to eat my lunch, which consisted of sausage sandwich’s, with a cup of tea from a flask [- although i cannot honestly say if the sausages were produced in Lincolnshire or not -]

A good display, showing some of the finds to date…

Although Facebook & me don’t agree that much, mainly because of the people that frequent the site, but fortunately i was on there recently, when an opportunity arose for me to be able to join another facebook group, after an invite, from Metal Detecting Lincolnshire, which used to be called M.S. Detecting, with its new name came a new logo shown above left, like i said these guys came onto my radar, through “Facebook and people you might want as friends” which i duly clicked on to join in there adventures, after being accepted onto their page and scanning there “You Tube Channel”

Open photo
Best find to date for Mark is this gold propelling pencil…

With Mark at the helm, & being two years into this adventure, he is well settled into metal detecting and using the phone cameras to videography these outings, with time constraints due to family & work these guys seem to be at a place many detectorists find themselves that want to chart their highs and lows out in the field, but other factors always eat into their time… Mark came back onto the scene about two years ago, after a ten year hiatus, and now uses the ORX, for all of his hunts, producing some pretty good results, including plenty of silver coins, as can be seen in the videos, a nice twist to this tale is that all of the lead that Mark finds, either scrap lead or musket balls get to be recycled, and turned into cannons, which Mark produces from moulds that i assume can be bought off the internet… If your reading this Mark, put a picture up and i will include it…’s End Note…

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