Dinosaurs Hypothesis…

dino2The hypothesis of Dinosaurs not being Land Dwellers, is not a new subject matter, but one that leads more and more up one particular path, and that path leads to the majority of Dinosaurs living in water and not on land…

Dinosaurs, were all set to continue roaming the earth all those millions of Featured Image -- 6628years ago, then boom someone dropped a huge meteorite slap bang in the middle of a period of unsettled weather and caused a catastrophe…

But don’t believe for one moment they all roamed the earth, earth today has more land than it did all of those millions of years ago, we Humans today rely on our land for cultivating food whereas Dinosaurs actually were living inamder the water’s that made up nearly all of the earths crusts…

But don’t forget those that did live on land were vicious little buggers, even T.Rex came unstuck sometimes, with the ancestor of the Diplodocus being another meat eater [-did this dinosaur evolve from the water to the land-]  whilst those flying around fared a lot better with their survival rate due to fact they had beaks ! Oh and have you ever wondered how our male bird species become the star attraction in the mating ritual ?

Have a Cuddle with Fred’s End Note…

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